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Automated quarterly estimated tax savings and payments for the self-employed

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bSolo takes the guesswork out of saving for and paying your quarterly taxes.

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Will this work for me? I'm a self-employed business consultant. I'm a freelance exotic pets veterinarian. I'm an independent writer and editor. I'm a self-employed dentist. I'm a public relations consultant. I'm an independent web developer. I'm a YouTube hustlepreneur. I'm a freelance translator.

Simple, streamlined tax payments

Automated quarterly tax savings and payments

Tax payments on autopilot

Saving for taxes, deadline reminders, and scheduling tax payments run behind the scenes while you work.

Take back your time
Easy, streamlined quarterly taxes for the self-employed

Your taxes, untangled

Taxes are complicated when you work for yourself. Our intuitive experience meets you where you are, and helps you make sense of the process.

Learn as you go
Press go or pause, flexible quarterly tax savings and payments

Flexibility and control

No one knows your budget better than you. If your cash flow changes, you can make a transfer, stop a payment, and take over whenever you want.

You're the boss

How it works

bSolo helps freelancers save for taxes and pay on time every time. And, we've wrapped it up in a beautiful guided experience, so you can say "quarterly, shmarterly" and get on with your life.

Notification of income detection to save for quarterly estimated taxes

Save as you earn

bSolo links with your personal bank account* and detects new income. Based on your instructions, a portion of every client payment is set aside for taxes.

*Note: Business bank accounts, opened under your business name, are not yet supported. Stay tuned for updates.

Notification of quarterly tax payments to federal and state entities for self-employed

Direct tax payments

We’ll submit tax payments on your behalf so you’ll never miss a quarterly deadline.

Notification of self-employment income detection and automated quarterly tax withholding

Take control anytime

We’ll do the heavy lifting, but you always have the option to stop any money movement in or out of your bSolo account.

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