When you’re self-employed, tax tasks add up.

bSolo automatically saves for quarterly estimated tax payments as you earn income—and even sends your tax payments for you.

bSolo automates saving for estimated taxes and submits taxes on your behalf

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How it works

bSolo works by connecting with your existing bank to detect new income

bSolo links with your bank to detect new income

Whenever you get paid, a portion of that payment is set aside for estimated taxes

Tell us how much you plan to save for taxes—and it’ll be set aside for you

When the quarter's up, your tax payments will automatically be sent to your tax authorities

At the end of the quarter, your tax payments will automatically be sent

You'll also get a tax payment confirmation to keep for your records

We’ll let you know when your payments have been received

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Take back your time

While you’re working, bSolo works for you.

We’ve streamlined quarterly estimated tax payments. Every time you earn money, we’ll automatically save a portion for taxes. At the end of the quarter, we’ll send what you’ve saved to the IRS and to your state government.

What you get with bSolo

Notification that state and federal tax payments were received

Automatic federal and state tax payments

Life happens—if you need to, cancel an upcoming transfer with one click

Total control.
Stop transfers with the tap of a finger

Whenever you earn income, a percentage of that income will be set aside for taxes

Autosaving—we’ll save for taxes every time you get paid

Life happens—if you need to, you can make a withdrawal from your tax funds

Anytime access to your funds