Our Story

Hi. We’re bSolo, and we exist to inspire and empower the independent spirit.

Our work combines the ingenuity of independent workers with decades of expertise in workplace benefits and personal finance.

Here’s what we’re about.

Human-to-human conversations. Minimizing admin, maximizing passion. Supporting every stage of self-employment. Building tools that make sense for your lifestyle. Advocating for a brighter freelance future. All in all, minimizing your “jobs of a job”, so you’re free to build the life you want.

At the heart of everything we do…is you.

To create the perfect fit, our product development process involved thousands of hours of conversations and building product prototypes with real independents like you.

Behind the scenes

  • Nationwide survey with 1,000 independent workers
  • 50 in-person user interviews on the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, and in the South
  • Dozens of hours of full-time work in a co-working space (going where our customers are!)
  • Countless hours of design interaction and 20 rounds of concept testing

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