Simply smart features

Breeze through your taxes

Smart automation creates a hands-off approach to setting aside money for taxes—and gives you back your time.

Save a portion of your employment income for quarterly estimated taxes

Automated saving for taxes

We’ll link with your personal bank account and save a portion of each invoice for taxes. These funds will sit in your bSolo account until it’s time to send your payment.

Save a portion of your employment income for quarterly estimated taxes
Robust alerts and communications to help you stay on track with your self-employment taxes

Be on time, every time

We’ll help you avoid late fees. Much easier than tracking payment deadlines, and quarters that aren’t quarters at all.

Automated payments to make sure you never miss a quarterly tax deadline

Painless payments

We’ll schedule and submit tax payments on your behalf. You can change anything if you need to, but otherwise, it’s handled.

Get tips along the way

We’ll meet you where you are. Whether you’re a new freelancer or an experienced soloist, we’ll help make you sense of the tax payment process.

Tips and tools to help you build your best self-employed life

Learn to speak “freelance”

Your self-employed life may require a new language. We’ll help you out with definitions, explanations, and the occasional affirmation.

Quarterly estimated tax calculations

See the math (if you want to)

It’s magical when tech does math for you, but sometimes you just need to check the work. We get it. Tap underlined numbers to see more context and calculations.

Stay on track with your quarterly estimated taxes

We’ve got your back

Life happens. If you have to miss a tax payment, or need to withdraw from your account, we’ll suggest ways to stay on track.

Make it your own

Want to take the wheel? Sure. Adjust your settings and access your money whenever you need to.

Adjust your settings for saving for quartery estimated taxes

Change your tax settings

Windfall year? Nice work! If you wind up in a new tax bracket, you may want to change how much you’re saving for taxes. You can decrease or increase that number any time.

Self-employment income detection and automated quarterly tax withholding

Income detection

You’ll get a heads up whenever we see a deposit that looks like self-employed income. If it’s not income, let us know and we’ll ignore that deposit.

Withdraw from or transfer money to your quarterly tax savings account

Transfers and withdrawals

Your money is always your money. We’ll process transfers and withdrawals from your bSolo account in 1-3 business days.

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